Founder & Lead Performance Nutritionist

TEC Nutrition offers both online nutrition coaching and consultations to accommodate the nutritional needs of athletes and others looking

to improve their knowledge of specific nutritional protocols or approaches.

In addition to the professional based services that TEC Nutrition offers, education is of primary importance. Spreading evidence-based information related to all aspects of sports science is an integral part of the TEC Nutrition vision. There are a number of sources that TEC Nutrition provides, such as infographics, written articles and educational social media posts.

TEC Nutrition primarily works in an online capacity but the founder and lead nutritionist Tom is based in Glasgow and is also available

within this area of Scotland in person.

About TEC Nutrition 

Founder & Lead Performance Nutritionist

Thomas Edward Coughlin MSc

Tom has an academic background in sports and exercise science through initially completing a Psychology & Sport bachelors degree from the University of Stirling, Scotland's premier university for sporting excellence, where he graduated with first class honours. Succeeding Tom's time at Stirling, he attended Loughborough University, where he studied his Master of Science in Sport & Exercise Nutrition, within the School of Sport, Exercise & Health Sciences, the second ranked sports science school in the world, graduating with distinction.


Tom has also worked as a performance nutritionist with professional athletes in a variety of sports. Most notably within Scottish Rugby. Tom is currently a consultant for performance nutrition at Glasgow Warriors ( and the Performance Nutritionist for the Scottish Under 16's team. In addition, Tom has previously worked with the Scottish Rugby senior team during their training camps and continues to work within the Scottish Rugby Union framework as a consultant. Moreover, Tom's work with individual athletes ranges from those that participate at a recreational level, up to elite level Olympic competitors.  

As a nutritionist that seeks to provide quality, evidence-based information to all clients, Tom is registered with the Sport & Exercise Nutrition Register ( a branch of the British Dietetics Association ( that is designed to "accredit suitably qualified and experienced individuals who have the competency to work autonomously as a Sport and Exercise Nutritionist with performance oriented athletes, as well as those participating in physical activity, sport and exercise for health."

Tom is also an accredited UK Anti-Doping Advisor and is nearing completion of his ISAK Level 1 Anthropometrist qualification.