The nutritional consultation service is ideal if you would like to discuss a specific topic, nutritional strategy or your current dietary approach with a professional nutritionist. 


At TEC Nutrition we use science to direct practice, ensuring that we supply the most

up-to-date and actionable advice to help you stay ahead of the game. In the consultation

we will break down exactly what is relevant to your situation and cover all the bases

necessary for you to feel confident in your performance or nutritional strategy.

The consultation service is not just for those looking to implement advice themselves, but

it is also a great way for personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches and other

health and fitness professionals to discuss strategies to use for their own clients or teams.

Here is a list of popular topics that our clients come to TEC Nutrition to discuss:

Fat Loss Approaches

Nutrition for Muscle Building 

Optimising Match Day Performance

Enhancing Training Performance & Adaptation

Race Nutrition


Nutritional Support for the Immune System

Making Weight

Consultation sessions can also be used to discuss training program design with clients.

If you would like to book a consultation, please fill out the form below.

Unfortunately there are no openings for new clients currently. If you have any question, please contact Thank you.