Q : Do you only work with athletes?

TEC Nutrition primarily caters to competitive athletes, however we also work with recreational athletes to improve performance and body composition.

This is dependent on a clients needs and wants. With some clients that only want to discuss specific topics, then one or two consultations can be sufficient. Alternatively, if a client wants to work towards a specific goal like significant body recomposition or build their nutritional knowledge up to a point where they can (for the most part) be self sufficient, then this can take much longer, and therefore the online coaching service may be preferable.

Q : Do you work with beginners or those who have limited nutritional knowledge?

Q : How much do the TEC Nutrition services cost?

Q : How does the application process work?     

Q : How long do you work with each client?

Q : I'm a personal trainer who would like to discuss a nutritional approach for a client

        can I consult with you?       

Definitely! The process does get easier and more fluid when each client has some nutritional knowledge (especially at the elite level). However, one of the main aims of TEC Nutrition is to provide evidence-based nutritional education and therefore we are used to working with beginners and building their knowledge

from scratch. 

 Once you have decided which service suits your needs, you can fill out the application form on the specific page (consultations or coaching). Once we have received your application, we will review it then organise an initial consultation to go over the aspects of your application in finer detail and decide between us what the best plan of action is for you. From there we will start the process and start working towards your goals.

All services that TEC Nutrition provides are specific to the needs of the client. One client may require more support than another and therefore there is no set pricing structure as people's needs differ. If you are interested in pricing, please fill out one of the application forms, and then pricing can be evaluated and discussed.

Absolutely! The consultancy service is not only directed at those who will utilise the information personally, but also those who are looking to implement the advice with others. If you would like to consult and get professional advice in relation to a client you can apply to consult here.

If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, please use the contact form located here