Infographics are a great way of making complex scientific research easier to understand and digest.


Tom creates infographics in his spare time to promote science-based education regarding the fields

of nutrition, training, performance and health, making research more accessible to the general public

with interests in those areas.


The infographics are also posted on the TEC Nutrition social media pages but on this dedicated page

you can search for specific topic using the search by tags list below.

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BCAAs improve recovery following a single bout of hypertrophy exercise in resistance-trained athletes 💪


Another interesting study coming out of St Mary's University by Waldron and colleagues (2017) looking at recovery following muscle damage-inducing exercise,...

Apt infographic as the 6 nations has begun 😁


Great recent review by Tavares and colleagues (2017) discussing the benefits of different recovery modalities following training or matches in rugby 📈


Cold exposure, in the form of cold water immersion, cry...

Many elite athletes will experience sleep restriction due to factors such as training or competing late at night, travelling or intensified periods of competition such as competing multiple times a week 🛩


These factors can increase stress and therefore impact,...