Meal Plans

Some athletes require meal plans to help them achieve their goals, whether it be body composition-related, to optimise performance or to aid recovery from an injury. The specificity of a meal plan allows those athletes to know they are goal directed and makes sure all bases are covered.


Using the most up-to-date scientific literature and in-depth knowledge of applied practice with professional athletes, TEC Nutrition uses this information to advise athletes on exactly what they should be eating. Meal plans are often boring, basic, non-specific and inflexible, however the plans created at TEC Nutrition are bespoke and detailed to your needs and goals and take into account your food preferences, food intolerances, budget and time-restrictions. Moreover, TEC Nutrition creates meal plans in a unique way, where meals are interchangeable yet remain goal-directed to allow you the utmost flexibility possible.

The TEC Nutrition meal plan service includes:

Tailored recipes

Shopping list (including weekly purchases and must have items)

Flexible meal plan

Recommended meal timings 

To express interest in a meal plan, please use the form below and we will contact you back as soon as possible.

Consultation sessions can also be booked to discuss your meal plans in more depth, however they are not required.

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