Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) plays a huge role in energy expenditure, and can often be the difference between failure and success when it comes to losing weight 📈 You've probably heard of "slow" and "fast" metabolisms. Whilst there definitely are individual differences in energy expenditure, more often than not, people with "fast" metabolisms are simply more active 🏃 NEAT can play a big role in this. For example, an 80kg person that habitually walks to and from work instead of driving will naturally burn more calories. If this persons' walk takes 30 mins (at a decent pace), they could burn an extra 160 kcal a day ➡️ 800 kcal a week 🤔⠀ Hypothetically, if this person was in energy balance before starting to walk to work, they could potentially lose ~1 lb of fat in a month. This may seem small, but that's without adjusting diet or exercise, which would lead to an additional calorie deficit and hence, more weight loss 📉⠀⠀⠀ These are all aspects to consider, but NEAT is a commonly overlooked one. Dr James Levine from the MayoClinic has done some really interesting research in this area and if highly recommend reading some of his work if you'd like some further info 📚

#NEAT #energyexpenditure

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