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Whey vs. Beef vs. Chicken Post-Workout

April 13, 2017

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Recovery Strategies for Rugby

Apt infographic as the 6 nations has begun 😁

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Great recent review by Tavares and colleagues (2017) discussing the benefits of different recovery modalities following training or matches in rugby πŸ“ˆ

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Cold exposure, in the form of cold water immersion, cryotherapy or contrast baths seem to be the most well-supported strategies to employ in a rugby setting. However, frequent use of these modalities may negatively impact training adaptations πŸ€”

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Furthermore, although the evidence supporting compression garment use can be debated, due to the low cost of such garments, for professional rugby players, compression garments may be beneficial ☝️

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This paper does a great job of not only discussing the research but also how that fits into an applied setting, an often missing step in sports science

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Link to the paper can be found here:


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